Saturday, October 13, 2012


Meditation at Platte Cove
Near W. Saugerties, NY 

Spent a long day today outdoors in and about Palenville, NY. There's something special about the roar of cascading water. With a very short span of time nothing seems to matter to me. Time slips and all I think about is about the image directly in front of me. It becomes a positive obsession. Nature woos with its sense of tranquility. 

For the moments behind the viewfinder, I am somewhere else. Nothing else seems to be significant. Nothing really matters. Time is mine frame by frame and I control how much. I choose to expose myself to the element of time. With my camera, I manipulate not only the composition but time and exposure to light. For a few moments, I control the elements of my own destiny. It's all a matter of time.

What was once my adversary is now my friend. If I use it wisely, I can create smooth silky streams of white water that relax and soothe souls. Streams that we can dream about that provide endless destinations. It's all their within my grasp. So I choose to create the world I dream about and the one I feel. 

My two dimensional images take on new meaning as I play with the element of time. The creator and viewer both slow down. We see and we feel what we see.

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