Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Salesman

The Salesman

Over the past 30 years, I've worked in both financial and sales capacities.  My work has taken me though out Texas and its neighboring states.  My language skills have served me well in Mexico and Puerto Rico.  I've sold successfully for nearly three decades changing companies and industries along the way.   Last year, I even had the pleasure of seeing my images displayed on four floors of Commercial Metals Company and published in their annual report.

In business, triumphs are short lived.  Large corporations seldom celebrate personal victories.  They exploit talent, reward them briefly, and when they finish exploiting them, they discard those who helped them achieve their corporate objectives like waste.  This treatment is not reciprocal of the loyalty they demand.  There is no virtue in loyalty any longer.  There are no retirement gold watches.

Like a good companion, photography  provides me with support.  Ultimately, photography will always be at the core of whatever I do.   Not only is it my principal motivator;  it remains a factor of my serenity and key  to my success.  Creativity spawns more creativity.  While I can't count on companies to honor their commitments;  I can count on my creativity to see me through most issues.

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  1. This one rings true to me Al. I guess you can say I'm a salesman too, though for me I stumbled into it. Although I understand how the corporate world dismisses yesterday's success, it's sad how easy it is for them to cast you off, with just cause not even being a requirement. Loyalty has become something demanded yet not returned. In the end, we are all on our own and do work for ourselves.


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