Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Our Friend Joe
Full of Life at 92

We have our Sunday morning traditions at our house.  Usually my father-in-law knocks on our door, stirs the dog and puts us into motion.  We chat a spell and when we are finally awake we head for our breakfast.  On our way to Roanoke, we pick up our 92 year old guest and friend, Joe.  He adds just the right amount of sweetener to our mornings.

Joe is proof positive that we can have a healthy productive life as we age.  He is a cheerful crooner, a ladies man, and full of good stories.  One thing is certain, Joe gives us back more than we could possibly ever give. him.

At breakfast the show really begins as the two older gentlemen decide what they'll have that morning.  It's usually two eggs over easy with three pieces of bacon, wheat toast, and decaf coffee.  We get extra special attention.  Joe likes to flirt with the hostess.  He says she makes him feel like he's fifty.  "Miss, can you help me open my creamer?", he says.

A very wise man with a lot of life left in him, Joe takes every opportunity he gets to socialize.  Joe makes a difference in our lives.  I can't imagine Sundays without him.  I wonder if I will be like Joe.  Will I make a difference and who will miss me?  There's still plenty of time for me to make a difference but I better not waste time.  There seems to be less time ahead of me than behind me.

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