Tuesday, September 7, 2010


O +
Near La Grave Field
Fort Worth, TX

We may have differences and our skin tones may have unfamiliar shades, but if you are O+ more than likely, at some point, you will become my best friend.  You are the universal blood donor.  You make me less dependent on my own blood type A+.

That's right all my prejudices are laid to rest by your blood type.  The world becomes smaller and you become literally my blood relative.  My misfortune will awaken my desire to need you pulsating through my veins.  The coarseness of your hair, the slant of your eyes, and the pigmentation of your skin wont matter then.  Exceptions will become the rule that day, democrats, independents, and republicans  but all i want is type O+.

Long before this event pulls us together don't you think we should get acquainted?  What really makes us similar?  Tell me about your family and your friends?  Tell me about your dreams and struggles?  I want to know you before your blood pumps through my veins.  It seems that we might have more in common than we truly know.  Why not be friends before then?

Tell me about you.  Your dreams and your passions are what bring us together.  Our final destiny on this journey remains the same.  None of us will leave this journey alive.  We have so much to share besides our blood to spare; it's time to put our differences aside.

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