Monday, May 3, 2010

Empty Handed

There's a place creative people frequently find.  It's a place where nothing seems to flow; a spiritual dry well.  We know the well is far from empty, but we cannot draw from it.  Without a doubt its a source of anguish and frustration.

We find that the best thing is to remove ourselves from the situation.  We pause, reflect, and regroup.  Sometimes, we just need a change of venue.  We look for a spark to rekindle and affirm the creative process again.  It happens to all of us.

We never fully comprehend what causes this.  Over time, however, we learn to pay attention and to pullback.  We discover new ways to express our creativity.  We find new subjects that draw our attention, new locations and themes.  We jar ourselves back into the creative process by changing ourselves and our perspectives.  We choose new brushes and palettes.

Perhaps we simply need the space and time required to introspectly listen to the solitude and absorb everything thats around us.  The creativity ebbs back like a high tide.  We wait patiently on the shore and explore our thoughts in the wakes of silence.  We reconnect once again with ourselves and our creative strengths.  It's as if we renew our marital vows.   Renew your creative vows.  Listen to the silence.

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