Monday, May 24, 2010

Heart Wide Open

Drive-In With Uncertain Future
Route 66
Sapulpa, OK

I had an opportunity to get away this weekend.  A longtime friend of mine called me earlier this past week to let me know he had lost his dad.  Given the time of  the night he called, I knew he needed me.  Saturday morning, I packed underwear, a tooth brush, and my camera and headed to my destination, four hours away, Tulsa.

We took the opportunity to renew our friendship over a few beers and a minor league baseball game.  I reminded him of the line from "The Bucket List", "he died with his eyes closed and his heart wide open."  Herb was a very kind and generous man.  He was a great father and later on in his life also friend to his adult children.  His heart was definitely wide open until his last breath.

Four children visited him, in order of their chronological age.  He took his last breath with his youngest daughter by his side.

 Over the years, Herb,  I've heard many stories about you.  Your memory will be carried on by your four children.  Your legacy will move forward longer than the years you dwelled on this earth.  If you are with God, as your son believes, every now and then say a good word for me to your friends up there.  Oh and by the way, if you don't mind, look out for me in Texas too, thanks.   Don't worry Herb, I will be checking on your son.  Thanks for leaving us with your great legacy:  four fantastic adults who remind us of you. 

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