Saturday, May 8, 2010

One Song

The other day as I was taking my iPhone for a walk, a curious thought entered my head while I listened to my music assortment.  "What if I only have one song?"  Although I don't believe that I have only one "song", I recognize that many musicians have only only song that makes it to the top of the charts.  What if I go through my entire life and only have one song?

It wouldn't surprise me as a photographer that I might have only one real winner even in the age of digital photography.  Should that prevent me from exploring and from finding that one image?  Will I recognize it when I see it?

The odds are that I have more than one image that's worthy, but regardless even if had only one, I should continue my quest for the perfect one.   The one that satisfies me.   To me, finding it is equally as important as taking the shot.

There's something inside of me that drives me to shoot.  Something that values even only one song.  It's about expressing my inner voice and connecting with those that view my images.  I don't know if my one image will be a landscape or if it will be a portrait.  All I know is that I have at least one image to shoot before its all over.  To that extent I am driven each day to discover that one notable image.  With some luck and lots of patience, I will find it.

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