Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enjoy The Game

There's lot of effort required in playing baseball.  Not only does it require the physical aspects of catching, throwing, hitting the ball, but it requires the strategy of playing and positioning.  Americans young and old love this game.  An emotional game of tops and bottoms and innings and outs.  We either play the game or are spectators.

For a moment or longer, if we go into extra innings, we vicariously play the game as spectators.  We never take our eyes off the ball.  We watch our heroes hit or strike out.  We cheer for our champions and urge them on.  (I wonder if we do the same for our friends.)

Sometimes we get bored, the games are long.  We look around and begin to take in all the other entertainment at the ball game.  Fans and mascots and hotdogs and beer.  Pretty women and plenty of little boys all admiring the heroes.

I love the game.  For a few moments, I am distracted from the oil spills and market crashes.  For whatever reason nothing matters, I just sit back and enjoy the game.  For once nothing is expected of me, I react only to the thrills on the field.  The perfect plays and the occasional but long awaited home runs.  I love the game, it's time for me to watch and just enjoy it.

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