Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello Dolly

Just north of Denton, Tx. lies an all but abandoned town by the name of Pilot Point.  Time and highways have passed it by.  All that remains is a fairly run down but charming town square.  There are a few antique shops, a restaurant, and an art gallery in what use be a bank.

I met shopkeeper Dolly at her antique storefront while on a Saturday adventure.   She had lots of class and poise.  The Minnesota transplant and former Continental flight attendant had plenty of charm.  In order to be near her store, she bought and restored an old victorian home in Pilot Point and moved from Dallas.  She collected all kinds of ceramic pieces from glamor days gone by, a time that was both simple and elegant.

She showcased their glamor at her store.  There was Hedda Hopper, Doris Day, and a flapper all in the same musty building.  The lighting was excellent.  I began to shoot.   Yet Dolly's photo interested me more.

Sometimes the real treasures are not the items themselves but rather the people who collect them for us.  Dolly's passion was actually of more interest to me than the actual pieces.  Dolly's dream did not end with her transatlantic flights and retirement.  It was actually the beginning of her new journey:  following her collectibles passion.

Like a well written novel, life brings us beginning and endings.  As one chapter ends, another begins.  We write the manuscript each day.  What we fill it with is up to us.  It's our choice.

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