Monday, June 4, 2012

Been Busy

Aliana Lansing
Roanoke, TX

It's seems like forever since my last assault on the keyboards. Two back to back weddings and a quick photo job, plus my part time driver job, afforded me very little personal time. All of it is good, because it adds to the sorely needed cash flows. 

Al Hernández: At Work
Photo by Carter Love
For the first time in a very long while, I am utilizing all of my skills to stay afloat. The lifetime I spent keeping large corporations out of financial trouble is finally assisting me too. While I am an artist, I still understand the not so subtle financial art of surviving. I just would rather paint with images than deal only with financial matters.

Every opportunity that I have to invest in my passion and create images, I take on. It is something I truly enjoy. For the most part, I incorporate my fine art passions even in my commercial work. To me, it's all about creativity and self expression.

The two young ladies who posed for me in these images had very little clues just how attractive they were. It had nothing to do with their obvious youth, but rather their beautiful eyes and bright smiles.

Working with both ambient light and camera flash, I was able to render pleasing results that captured the anticipation they both felt on the eve of their friend's wedding. One was in the wedding party the other was helping the girls get ready. Before I knew it, I was able to create good captures without the benefit of a studio.

Life is good even when times are tough. The camera and my current situation have forced me to change my outlook and my attitude. It could also be the thought that my wife has written on one of her boards here at the house has finally taken hold:  "Just when the caterpillar thought it was all over; it became a butterfly." I must say there have been many times, I've thought it was all over. Now I recognize that it's far from over, I'm just metamorphosing. Suppose, I should prepare my wings. Sometimes the end of something is simply the beginning of something else greater.

No, I am not attempting to gloss over harsh facts or attempting to be Polyannic. It just seems to me that I am on a different trajectory than before; that the certainty of uncertainty is now a constant that I will have to be comfortable with. It could very well be that this where I need to be spending my energy, creating and doing something I enjoy for the rest of my life. No one will tell me again that I can't be part of the team or that my services are no longer required. It's my turn now. Yes, I've been busy, but it's all good.

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