Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Estes Park in Rain
Estes Park, CO

The thermometer rose to 105 degrees yesterday and we are only a few days into our north Texas summer. It was easy to think about cooler places like Colorado's cool mountains. The heat pretty much zapped me of my desire to do anything other than to down two ice cold Palomas (that's a jigger over white Tequila over crushed ice topped off with either Squirt or Fresca). Before long, I had assumed the horizontal position on my bed oblivious to the sweltering heat.

Still trying to think cool thoughts this morning so I've posted this image shot last year in Estes Park. Never had gotten before to see the rain falling beneath me. Felt as if I was living John Fogery's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?".

So many things happened that day. My wife and I never had seen the rain fall below us nor had we ever experienced a horrific thunder clap so close. It was as if we were in nature's own factory direct outlet store. We saw it all at a tremendous discount.

If you've never experienced the rain fall below or heard the thunder clap beneath you than you've simply not climbed high enough. There's so much living to do before the journey's end. Add witnessing the rain fall beneath you to your list.

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