Thursday, June 7, 2012

Now and Then

La Parroquia
San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mx

Every now and then, I have to remind myself of the simple joys that make life worth breathing for. Breathing in and out of itself is a simple miracle that we experience, on average, 23,000 times per day. Whether I am physically or spiritually present in San Miguel de Allende, it seems that I am acutely aware of my joy by 23,000 times. It seems that in that state of mind my joy and gratefulness is heightened.

Fray de San Miguel de Allende
Silhouette and Church
San Miguel de Allende
Like many Mexican towns the church is the heart of the city. If you observe it, you will see its vascular circulation as parishioners and visitors stream in and out of its chambers. In so doing, you witness life itself. Equally, you can enjoy both being in the stream or being a voyeur on a nearby park bench underneath neatly manicured ficus trees.

Doing is great but having or making the opportunity to enjoy what is around you is equally splendid. It too brings rewards. This morning as I ponder all that I have to do now to earn my keep, I am reminded of the why. Photography is not just a job, I do it also for the passion I enjoy and at times I know that I can experience it at least half of my awake time. On a good day, that could be 11,500 times or more.

It's important to enjoy the very simple details of living. It may not always be the way you want or even the way you have dreamt, but it nonetheless provides joy. Learning to be receptive to all of the experiences around you is a difficult lesson to learn. We are accustomed to striving and achieving, few of us have learned the lessons of receiving and enjoying. As I journey, I need to learn to be thankful for all 23,000 times each day. Don't want to be caught short of breath.

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