Friday, June 15, 2012

Evening at the Horse Races

Calling the Horses to the Post
Lone Star Park
Grand Prairie, TX

My life is quite a mixture of bits and pieces at the moment. One moment I am a driver for senior citizens and retirees, another moment I am a full time photographer, while other times I am an active member of Lions Club. These are all part of who I am now.

The person that I am today is a compilation of the various jobs and experiences I've had over my life span. Without a doubt however, I always come back and draw on my creativity. It always sustains me.

Last night, I was asked to drive a bus load of seniors to nearby Lone Star Park. The seniors spent a festive evening wagering on the horses and tallying up $2 bets on horses with names like "Hips and Lips" and "Denny Crane". By the end of the night each senior found his or her own methodology down for fun if not winning.

Although, I wasn't wagering, I did manage to go down to edge of the track to witness the excitement of the event first hand away from the box seats. The fanfare of the moment struck my attention; I watched and listened to the post horn player call the horses and  crowd to the gates and betting windows. With my iPhone, I began to take images of the musician with the liturgical duties. Suddenly, he struck a pose that was perfect for the art I wanted to compose.

It's good to know that although, I've been very busy finding ways to make a living and to sustain myself with my photography, my passion has not diminished nor has my creative desire. This is who I am, this is me.

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