Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fit to Compete

Fit to Compete
Hugh Charles
Keller, TX
You want me to do something...
tell me I can't do it.
Maya Angelou

At 5'8" tall and 190 lbs., Hugh Charles is not the typical profile of an NFL running back. That has not prevented Hugh from pursuing his passion of playing professional football. Instead of hanging his cleats, he chose a different path and chased his dream by playing in the Canadian Football League.

A Keller High School graduate, and starting running back at the Colorado Buffaloes, Hugh has kept his body in shape to withstand the challenges and punishment on the gridiron. He knows what is required to win and he dutifully faces his job both during the season and off.

Hugh is driven by the passion of a dream and an opportunity. Most would have given up, but Hugh knows that doors open up for those prepared to take the opportunity. Hugh lives for "the chance".

This season at age 26, he will finally get his chance. Barring any preseason injury or setback, Hugh will become the Edmonton Eskimos' starting running back. Not bad work, for a guy who was told he was not big enough to play. This brings back memories of another great athlete, Doug Flutie, who also played in the Canadian Football League. Flutie, the one time champ from Boston University, ultimately went on to become a starter with the NFL's Buffalo Bills.

Dreams and determination drive men like Hugh Charles. In an age of negative publicity surrounding scores of athletes, it's great to find a true role model like Hugh Charles. Who knows perhaps he will still have his chance at the NFL? Personally, I am rooting for his dreams to all come true.

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