Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daily Journey Revisited

Moon Over Hadley
Near Hadley, Tx

It's been an agonizing two years on this journey of self-discovery. Can't say I truly know where it will lead other than the obvious, none of us actually leave this world alive. However, we fill in the gaps between birth and death and that my friends is our journey. We neither choose our birth date nor when our life ends.

Originally, I thought that this blog would simply be about my photography. It has since taken many turns unlike a highway but more like a well worn country road. Country roads are more interesting wouldn't you agree?

While money always crops into the equation of my journey, I've found that at this stage of my life, it's more than that. What I've found is that for the first time in my life, I have to truthfully confront what I want out of my life. That's extremely difficult for someone who was programmed to fulfill the dreams of his parents and to take care of his family. Not once did I truly think about what I wanted for me. What fills me with pleasure?

During the past several years, I've found that I derive pleasure from meeting other people, photographing them, and listening to their stories. In addition, I find that I also receive pleasure from photographing landscapes and inanimate objects simple scenes. Deep down inside, I know that for me living life requires simplicity and a receptive heart. It also requires action.

Joy comes from letting go of what consumes and controls us. Our passion should drive and motivate us towards living lives beyond our wildest imaginations. If you are already doing something that rewards your passion and stimulates it, you are in an enlightened station in your life.

Truly, finding your happiness within you is well worth the journey. I've not given up. Since, starting my meandering, I've developed my own fledgling photography (commercial and fine art) business, do Photoshop work for other photographers, drive senior citizen for a nearby retirement village, and broker scrap metal. It's all about survival, passion, and living. Find your purpose and enjoy your journey.

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