Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting a Better View

Wide Open Space on the Mesa
Near Forrest, NM

Perspective is a funny thing. For instance, if you look at the problem of putting a man on the moon it seems like a very daunting task. Yet we did it with computers far less sophisticated than those we hold in the palm of our hands today. Thousands  of engineers and scientist were able to break the problem up into smaller manageable problems. They went from overwhelming to manageable and the probable. They were able to remove the obstructions.

Several years ago, as I travelled through the mesas of the Texas panhandle and on into New Mexico, I quickly noticed the distances my eye could see without the obstruction that I've grown accustomed to. Suddenly I could see endless miles: complete rain storms from start to finish.

Problems in life appear to be overwhelming in their entirety. When we remove obstructions and work on smaller problem segments, we can see solutions as we assemble the components back together again. It's not an easy task to retrain how we think but it's not impossible either.

As you journey, think about all you could see if you only remove the obstructions directly in front of you. Remember to divide the problems into smaller pieces and you will find that you can achieve your goals down the road. Problems and their solutions are all part of life. You will find both on your journey.

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