Sunday, June 20, 2010

On His Shoulders

Not that long ago, I sat on my father's shoulders and lap.  I never had to ask if he wanted me there.  It was a secure place.  A place where I knew I would not be allowed to fall down.  I was safe from injury, safe from the bugs that could attack me, safe from being trampled by the crowds.  His grasp was firm.  His love unconditional.  Regardless of what I did, he would be there for me.

Years passed and I remember being about eight years old;  we went to a local grocery store and I insisted on wanting bing cherries.  Cold bing cherries.  My dad said no but I managed to stuff my mouth and pockets full of  cherries.  As we checked out of the grocery store, my father noticed what I had done.  He asked me if I had taken the cherries.  My puffed out cheeks incriminated me.  My father made me confess to the store owner and he bought me the cherries.

The truth was my father couldn't afford to buy me the cherries.  He wanted to provide for me regardless and made a sacrifice that day for me.  Years have come and gone and when I eat the forbidden treasure, I pause, smile, and think of Dad.  Happy Father's Day.  Remember your Dad.