Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Down

If God had a Name,
what would it be and
would You call it to His face
if You were faced
with Him in all His Glory,
what would you ask
if You had just One Question...

There's an Old Testament proverb that says "Look up and Live."  Although I don't profess any formal faith, this proverb has always made me pause and think.  During moments of sadness, it has brought solace and joy.  Many of my blogs have touched on this theme.  We need to open up our eyes and look around.  Sometimes we might even need to look down.

This colorful grasshopper was right in front of me.  I took the time out to capture it's beauty with the only tool I had, my iiPhone.  It pays to take time and look down.  Changing our perspective helps us see better what is happening around us.  There's a lot of life left to see.  I wonder how much I've not seen because I've not changed my point of view.  

Take a look at whatever it is in front of you from a different perspective.  How do you see it now?  Isn't it really about perspective?

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