Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finding the Solution Set

Lost track of good friend, but thanks to facebook, we managed to hook up again.  He lives in Alaska where he teaches mathematics at the University of Alaska.  By a stroke of luck, he came to Austin to attend a conference.

Nearly three decades had gone by since we had seen each other.  It was great to see him again.  We simply picked up the pieces where we had left off.  He was one of those special friends whom I could converse with on  all topics.  It didn't matter which ones, he was fluent in all.  Guys like John Gimbel are really hard to find.

I think my mathematician friend would  agree, when it comes to friendships/relationships, there's a solution set that makes the equation true.  Finding members that can fill that set increases proportionately with our ability to increase our domain.  While we increase the probability, the fact remains that there is truly a finite set.  Treat your friends as treasures.  Do not assume that they can be readily replaced.  There's a finite set that makes the equation true for you.