Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Script

View From Haines Falls
Near Palenville, NY

Although our journey starts the moment we are born, mine truly started in earnest nearly two and a half years ago, when I was laid off. Even though I knew it wasn't just me who had been laid off, it sure felt like it. It seemed that I allowed myself to become the center of my own universe. Nothing else mattered, as far as I was concerned it was all happening to me. The fact was that it wasn't and thousands from my former company were let go. Simultaneously, hundreds of thousands were let go across many industries as corporations began to hoard cash and adjusted to the financial global Tsunami. Consequently, I was pushed further along my journey caught in the surf and pulled by the global economic tide.

Jokingly, in the past, I've thought and suggested that people should retire between the ages of 35-55, while they still have lots of energy. They should continue to work between 55 and 75 and assume jobs when they have less physical energy. All of this was said tongue in cheek, but there were some small morsels of truth in my statement.

Kaaterskill Creek
Palenville, NY
This was a full blown mid-life crisis. No, it wasn't filled with fast cars and faster women; but it was filled with accelerated change. Enough change to make your head snap and provide you plenty of sleepless nights and restless days. Rather than allow myself to feel helpless, time enabled me to accept the energy of forces: surf and tide. I chose to do something while I waited out the storm and continued to look for work. It was great advice from Kim, my wife, and a few close friends (Harry Sandler and Dan Burkholder) and my sister, Zaidy.

Work, that four letter word which most despise but sorely miss when it's not available, became my challenge. So I found my own work; created my own business. For two and a half years, I wrote about my experiences, photographed my adventures and archived weddings and other commercial events. In that span of time, I worked as a manufacturers rep, went on personal trips to China, Death Valley, Zion National Park, Las Vegas, Palo Duro Canyon, Canadian Texas, Taos, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Rico, Daytona Beach,  the Catskills , New York City and Coney Island, Connecticut and Vermont. Last year, I added selling scrap to my list of enterprises and this year, I launched my photography business in earnest and my website During this  year, I also started driving retirees part-time. In July, I also became president of the Southlake Lions Club.

Ironically, just like when I met Kim, my wife, I again worked three jobs. Each job fulfilled a different personality need. In doing so, my true discovery is this, that we do whatever it takes to survive. Now my dictum is this: "The journey is all about survival and the adventure it brings." You have to live today fully, don't wait until retirement.

In a few weeks, I start a new adventure and a new assignment in Tucson, Arizona. You will have to wait and stay tuned. There will be more stories and more places to photograph. 

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