Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Road Trip

View from Drexel Heights
Near Tucson, AZ

After what seemed like an endless journey some 1,300 miles later I made it to Tucson. It was a journey which took me through the semi arid plains of Midland-Odessa through the Franklin Mountains of El Paso and on to a flat dessert stretch from Deming, NM to finally reach the volcanic formations of chiseled rock in and surrounding Tucson.

Simbury, CT
It's hard to believe that just a month ago, I traversed trough the mountains of Colorado in search of aspen groves while thinking of the fall foliage of New England. Different shades of yellows and orange have followed me for nearly a month and on to the desert. Color choices are not varied but the structure of the majestic formations of both rock and saguaro is enough to make any full grown man pause.

When it comes to nature, simpler is always better. If color is absent, then shapes and the cast of light, becomes more and more essential to defining beauty anew. Simple is good and a contrast to the hectic lives we lead. I've been fortunate to comprehend and experience that lesson first hand.

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