Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dream Fruition

Amish Dreams
Near Greenville, PA
October 2005

"I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light."
-Helen Keller

Decided to enter another of my landscapes in competition last week. It won second place at Dallas PPA. This image also has a sister image which really complements the style and mood of each. Both images were shot within six months of each other, one in the autumn and the other right before spring. Although I completed my first renditions by mid 2006, I was not satisfied with the results until I learned new techniques. It took me a span of five years to achieve the final results. To me the images were complete when I felt that I could superimpose Andrew Wyeth's "Christina" into either scene.

Vision de Doña Cristina
Near Greenville, PA
March 2006
As a young person, there were two things things that I wished: to paint like Andrew Wyeth and to be surrounded by a plethora of good friends. As a man, full stride in the middle of his life, I've found that  I've maintained my course although it has been far from steady or straight. My wife, Kim, and my friends have at times signaled the way when my own compass was misguiding me or lost. While I do not feel that I have achieved my goals, there's an underlying feeling that it will happen. My hope stems from the conviction that my journey is far from over.

While my mother and father were not artists they influenced me heavily to the extent that I feel compelled to always add warmth to my images. This warmth is nothing more and nothing less than the friendship they taught me to extend and to value. It was via their friendships and their faith that they were able to endure and rise above difficult times. I've been the recipient of a kindred friendship from many of you. Many of you, I've not even met.

Whether is belly dancers or landscapes or portraits of families, newborns, or brides, I endeavor to express my gratitude and my hope by adding a touch of warmth to my images. It's simply my way of saying thank you. By the way, thank you for your concerns and thoughts and prayers for my father. He's in good spirits and that will certainly help him heal. The world certainly could use more healing friendship.

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