Thursday, November 22, 2012

Family,Thanksgiving, and Photography

Coffee Shop
Near Flint, TX

The love of family and the admiration of friends 
is much more important than wealth and privilege.
Charles Kuralt

We had an opportunity to spend our Thanksgiving at our daughter's home in East Texas. It's was a moment that truly meant that a torch had been passed. Our children are actually adults and can hosts their own banquets. The real significance also lies in the fact that we have grown to that age where we are now our parents. We are also getting older.

It truly was fun to spend time with she and her husband and pets and his family. It had been six years since the last time we all spent it together on their wedding day. I must admit I was definitely more confident about my daughter's choice. In fact, I am very pleased about her choice and the life they lead together. They have both love and friendship in their lives. As a father, it simply provides me with joy.

This morning, I had a few moments to myself before everyone else was fully awake. On my way to their house, I had spotted a unique looking coffee shop that I promised myself I would photograph. With nothing more than my iPhone, I set out to find the joint "Kickerz" a coffee shop that looked like more hat than store. It truly belonged in Texas. I took the liberty of some me time.

Knowing that I have a long trip ahead of me, I thought about what else I might find on this next adventure on my journey. The answer is that I don't know and I possibly can't imagine all I will encounter. Regardless, I should be eager and willing to see all that comes my way. Then the sick feeling came over me knowing that I would be further away from the ones I love, my family.

It felt good to spend the time with my daughter, my wife, and my father-in-law. As I got back to her home from my side trip, I thought about all that had happened that week. My father spent a few days in the hospital and for a moment, I wasn't sure if I would be making a detour to Florida instead of East Texas. At some point, it will be time to say goodbye to Dad but it wont be soon, I hope.

My thoughts are all over the place right now. Family, Thanksgiving, and Photography these elements are all part of me. How do I sort them all out? It's actually easier than I might always first.

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