Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Hangout

Waitress Tattoo
Roanoke, TX

You think it, I ink it.  ~Saying of tattooists

Every Sunday we frequent a local hangout for our morning breakfast. It's the type of place where you really don't need to read the menu, you know that you're going to have:  some kind of omelet or a comfort food like biscuits and gravy. The place is a dive where the customers are somewhat country and the help is a little down on their luck.
Waitress Tattoo Part 2

On hot summer mornings the unchurched come here before the mega church folks appear. The Harley's and pickup trucks usually fill up the parking lot with the exception of the  handicapped parking and out number sedans.

It's the type of place where you go not as much for the food as for the scenery. You notice a different type of life one filled with one part hardship and two parts fun. Our waitress has several shades of hair color as if she ran out of one and added another. She's a big girl who has elected to have all of one arm filled with tattoo ink. I ask to take iPhone pics of her tattoos and she smiles full well knowing that there are more tattoos on her body that she's not revealed to me.

It's not for me to determine why she has the tattoos my job is only to observe. There's a whole other life out there that I know very little about. It's just as equally important to note it as much as my own. In the mean time, I've chosen to share these samples with you. The lady literally wears her feelings on her sleeve or just underneath. Can't imagine how much flinching she must have done to amass all of this ink. All I know is that it's more pain than most would be willing to bear. Then of course her life is harder than most would want or could endure. One could do worse I suppose than sport many tattoos.

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  1. Maybe the pain of the tattoo helps to ease the pain of life, even if just for a moment.


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