Monday, July 9, 2012

In the Field

Fiance in Field
Roanoke, TX

It's been an interesting week capped off by a photo session filled with challenges. The couple that I shot also wanted their two dogs in their picture. This is their family.

Couple and Family: Not So Still Life
We made plans to shoot the images at the crack of dawn on location in nearby Roanoke so that we could avoid crowds and heat. While our intentions were good things started out poorly as the couple over slept and then became stressed over the whole situation. Things were far from ideal but I tried to relax them and the dogs. I wish I had treats for the humans too but all I could do was smile and to go with the flow to make them relax. My mission was to keep shooting

After a somewhat formal attempt at some portrait work in town, I decided to take them to a field of freshly rolled hay. The day was unusually overcast but I knew that would make the lighting better and less contrasty. The rest I knew I could enhance with my magic. The results were quite impressive and pleasing to my clients. You never would have known there was so much drama that day. I suppose it's something we learn as we mature, just don't sweat the small stuff. It's something that I've got to remember too.

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