Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking for Rainbows

Sorghum Field and Rainbows
Near: Post, TX

Some of us look for rainbows but refuse to venture outside of our comfort zone. To find them you have to go outside and look far enough from the rain and just the other side of the sun. You can't find them sitting inside your house.

Opportunities are similar to rainbows. You tend to find them after the rain but you do have to venture out to see them. You have to be ready; you can't photograph a rainbow without a camera. Think about how many more rainbows you can capture simply by being aware and ready.

Dusty Road
Canadian, TX
Sometimes we drive for distances without seeing one along the journey. Somewhere though, there's another rainbow, perhaps even a double rainbow waiting for you to discover. This morning I need to get myself moving again in the direction of rainbows and opportunities and find them. They are out there somewhere down the road and around the bend. I know it because I've have found them before.

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