Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creative Space

Beautiful Bride
Amanda Leger Fierro

In less than two weeks, I'll have another wedding to shoot. My assignment from now until then will be to think of new ways to capture the beauty of that day's moment and at the same time allow the bride and groom along with guests to enjoy the celebration.

The event will be held at a historic Fort Worth location with plenty of detailed charm. Somehow I want to incorporate all of it and use it as my props to make fantastic photos for my client. This is completely different than working under a controlled studio setting. The variables are endless and anything can happen that day. Regardless, the shots must be taken without hesitation and they must be second nature.

From now until then, there's a storyboard that needs to be plotted out. It must run seamlessly. I am excited about it including the vintage elevator complete with iron gate. let's see what happens. I'm sure I will dream about it many times before now and then.

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