Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If You Can Dream

Princess in Waiting
Westlake, TX

This past Sunday was a fantastic productive day. The day finally arrived that my client had been waiting for, the day of her bridal portraits. One of my friends, Kelly Bradley, was gracious enough to provide her home as my studio backdrop. It was the perfect dreamy setting to cast my princess client. She belonged their like a damsel waiting for her prince.

Kelly & Scott Bradley's Home
Westlake, TX
It all started with a dream several weeks ago: a dream to tell a fairy tale starting with "once upon a time" and ending with "happily ever after".  Tell me doesn't every daddy's girl want to hear this story?

Sunday afforded me the vicarious opportunity behind the lens to be a romantic father. "Little girl you've grown into a woman and I am so proud of you. Even though it will break my heart to give you away, I know he will love you more than me; so please let me love you one last time and make you happy by painting for you this image for you to gaze at for the rest of your life. I want you to remember how beautiful your were and will always be to me."

On Sunday sublimated dreams came true. Rather than focus on a career that only provided me with money, I focussed on a career that enables dreaming out loud. Behind the lens and through the viewfinder, I found my voice as I rediscovered passion in my life. For me the joy of connecting with someone else, making them smile, makes me smile more.

Several years have passed since I hit a major fork in the road. My indecisiveness plagued me but I was challenged to follow my heart and listen to the voice of passion and happiness.

To all my friends out there, trust me, and I will showcase your princess as if she were my own. To my princesses, "if you can dream," together we can make them come true and record them for a lifetime for you to view.

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