Monday, April 9, 2012


Primavera Puesta del Sol
Keller, TX

“Great art picks up where nature ends.”
 ~Marc Chagall
We enjoyed a pretty remarkable day as we celebrated my wife and father-in-law's birthday. Yes they share the same birthday. The house was full of people and pets all gathered in the living room watching "The Help" and "Sweet Home Alabama", a couple of family favorites.

About noon, the heavens parted and shed massive tears as the skies sobbed for hours. Around dusk the celestial crying abated and the freshness of the air soothed us. I chose to take a walk but with the intention of taking some time to just be.

The ponds near our home were full to the brim infused by the new rain, another two inches or so. Along their shore late Easter revelers surfaced to enjoy family time, ducks, fish, and turtles. A few came to choreograph their own family photos while still dressed in their Easter best.

Took the time to take it all in. Had to give my mind a rest. Been thinking too much of what lies ahead and still trying to forget what has already happened. Trying to change my focus is not easy. I was trained to plan for the future and to forecast financial events. Now I am having to learn to enjoy today and just make things happen.

The thoughts were deep and the undulation of worry wanted to move me further from my creativity, the place where I thrive. As I walked past the cypress trees and looked to the west, I found my creative voice. The scene to me look like a painting. I took out my iPhone and shot two exposures. The rest of the evening I spent finding and listening to my creative voice again.

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