Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Artist Seeks Work

Angles and Curves

If you're not interested in life,
then photography has no meaning.

Ruth Bernhard

Although for most of my career I've been in sales, I've never had to directly sell something that I had made. I sold money to corporations that needed financing. Later on I purchased scrap metal from major corporations doing business in Mexico. In both instances, my job was to convince people about the value of doing business with my company.

Things are different now. No longer am I selling for a company, now I am selling my services as a photographer and an artist. I'm not just another person with a camera that wants to sell an image. For twelve years, I've been practicing my craft painfully both with my cameras and later on processing them on my computer. Like the old days of the darkroom, I am involved in the photographic process from start to finish.

My work gravitates towards fine art by design. It's truly who I am. Regardless of the assignment somehow my voice will come out. My images need to have my own style (DNA) on them. Truly I don't want to simply imitate someone else. I am looking for something that will move my client for years to come.

Each day, I am excited about photography. I see how much my work continues to change. The sensitivity I feel but verbally can't express finds its way onto my images. Both my fine art and commercial work (wedding, family, and newborn) have this stamp.

The greatest compliment you could pay me is a referral. Thanks to you and others, my business is beginning to grow. I won't let either myself or you down. Please let others know. By the way, for my friends in the northeast, I will be back there during the month of October. If you would like a special portrait with either you, your family and or your friends please contact me.

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