Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amor Vincit Omnia

Nuevo Esposos: Pablo Hernandez y Judy Pujols
enero 29 del 2012
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

The amazing fact is not so much that my father, at 88, remarried someone fourteen years younger; the truly amazing part is that my father is smiling again. He has found a soulmate and companion to live out the rest of his years.

They met serendipitously, by accident and fate and even perhaps some white magic, my deceased mother's nieces felt that their heartbroken uncle should not be alone. One of my cousin's, Ema, knew that her mother-in-law's sister was also widowed and wanted a companion as did Dad. The logistics seemed impossible since Dad lived in Florida and Judy lived in Puerto Rico.

For weeks after Mom's death, Dad would call Mom's and his favorite niece, also named Judy. One day that he called he spent a lengthy while speaking to whom he thought was his niece. Towards the tail end of the conversation, he realized that this was not his niece. He asked who she was and she explained that she was also named Judy but was related by marriage to Ema and that her sister was Ema's mother-in-law and her nephew was married to Ema.

Judy Pujols Hernandez
Judy and Ema have been the best of friends for over twenty years she related. Ema had told Judy about Dad and that perhaps they should meet. By the time, my father, had made the famous phone call. Each had in fact heard about the other. 

Well their conversation ended, but the next day curiosity struck Judy as she was scrolling down her cell phone the next day she dialed a mysterious number she couldn't quite "recollect". She redialed it and it was my father. The two started flirting with each other. Dad said he would like to get to know her and she said if that was the case he would have to travel to Puerto Rico and see her in her element.

The next thing you know Dad told my sister in November to make travel plans for him to go to Puerto Rico for Christmas time to "be with his family". He wanted an open ended ticket since he didn't know how long he wanted to spend there. By the way, he announced "there's a lady I met over the phone and I would like to get to know her."

December could not get here fast enough for Dad. He counted the days and kept AT&T quite busy. The man who had been depressed was now walking every day as if he was training for an olympic event. Fearless and undaunted, he moved forward with his plans. By then, she had told him that she could stay at her assisted living place by the beach in Aguadilla, and she would stay nearby with her daughter.

The day came and Dad missed his flight on Jet Blue because he couldn't find his carryon luggage after going through security. His luggage however left without him including frozen pasteles  and two pairs of new shoes (super small size) for Judy. He refused to leave the airport and go through the hassle again and waited nearly twelve hours to catch the next flight. Neither my sister nor I could cajole him to go back home and wait. In the mean time, Judy and Dad spoke again and she made sure his luggage was picked up. Then at three in the morning Judy and Dad met for the very first time. It was love at first sight.

iPhone and Icing
By the way, my father's grandfather Pelegrin Vargas Gonalez, my great grandfather, also remarried three months after he was widowed at the young age of 58. He was introduced to his new wife by his daughter, my grandmother. It seems that relatives also like to keep happiness in the family. My great grandfather lived to be 105 and had four more children. To my knowledge, Dad and Judy do not plan on having any more children. They will be returning to Florida in March and Dad and his friends will have the privilege of enjoying Judy's charm, sense of humor, social services, and great cooking.

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