Friday, February 10, 2012

Following The Road: Map of the Earth Driving

Camino Angosto de Rocha
Barrio de Rocha, Moca, Puerto Rico

The journey takes us full circle. This sojourner reports to you that he has made it!! He now knows that the universe takes care of those who are willing to see how it unfolds. You, my friends, have helped me on along this narrow way.

After two years of self discovery, I found that the treasure, what I sought, was deep inside of me. It was in my blood in fact. I was born to create, to survive, to thrive and to earn a living telling my stories and creating and showing my images to those willing to see and to listen. It's not just my story nor just my images; they are in fact our mutual experience.

For two years, I've been wandering and wondering. The journey took me to the depths of Death Valley and it took me to mountains of Colorado. It also took me to the valley of death and to my mother's coffin. Together, you, the reader and I, the sojourner met the milestones: the low points and the high points. From the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico and its inviting bells to the winding Roads of Moca, Puerto Rico, we have travelled together. We have even been together at the cross roads of Canadian, Texas where Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks character in Castaway) stood.

Who I am is not what I was doing before, but rather what I am doing today. I am a photographer, a teacher, and a story teller. I'm on a mission to reacquaint myself and you to a life that truly is an adventure and worth living. The best part of life is how unpredictable the road through it is. What I feared most is now what I have learned to enjoy.

A few years back when I worked at a helicopter company, I learned that Army pilots learned to navigate just several hundred feet from the ground. It is called map of the earth flying. Pilots learned to fly at tree top levels to attack and to flee the enemy. The winding roads of Puerto Rico and its hills which make the roads and cars in front of you vanish, taught me the value of relying on my intuition. Just perhaps, I too have learned map of the earth navigation.

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