Sunday, February 19, 2012

Choices: In My Life

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Choice is the one thing that we have in abundance. Each day we awake, we face multiple decisions. We make decisions from bathing and hygiene, to selecting our clothing for the day. Some can kill us over a long period of time if we choose what we ingest daily poorly. Life is about making decisions. Like Indiana Jones, you must choose "wisely." 

Wrong or right, we must make decisions. We make financial decisions some are good and some are bad. We make driving decisions and select routes based on familiarity and celerity. We choose to speak or not. We choose our friends. We even make unanticipated career choices.

This morning, I choose to make an affirmation. I choose to believe that universe provides ample opportunities for those that actively engage life, that sustained motion and activity ultimately yield gains. Without sowing there can be no harvest. The choice lies within me to change and turn life's pages.

Today, I have less luggage than when I started this journey two years ago.  However the journey is far from over and plenty of choices lie ahead of me. Choices that contain opportunity and reward. They may even be more fulfilling than those that I've had in the past.

Nostalgia is an important part of my life. I think I will leave you today with a Beatles song, In My Life its timely to our discussion. Continue to make choices abundantly. Move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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  1. Well written Al. Fact is, if you are still living, breathing and in deliberate motion, choices upon choices are in abundance. Sometimes the best choice is neither wise nor foolish ... it's just a choice that the time and accumulated knowledge up until that moment helped you to make.


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