Monday, February 13, 2012

Dry Cows

Cow Concession Stand
Barrio Rocha, Moca, Puerto Rico

While at my uncle Ismael's farm, I noticed one calf in particular. It was paying attention to no one other than his mother's utter. I was drawn to this scene and I instantly recalled an analogy told to me nearly a decade ago.

A very wise advisor took me aside once and made several quick observations about me. She asked me if my vocation was in sales. I replied in amazement that it was. She said that one her observations about sales people is that they truly want people to like them. She knew I was guilty on both counts.

To be perfectly honest, I really didn't want her observations to go any further. I didn't care to listen to what this old east Texas relic had to say. It didn't deter her as she read my face. She said to me in a twang that could make your toes curl: "In east Texas we have an expression, you can't draw milk from a dry cow."

Years later I discovered she was right. In life the issue is not that everyone is going to like you back; the real dilemma is that not everyone has the capacity to give you back something. Emotionally some folks just don't have anything to give back. You can tug at them as much as you want, but don't expect anything 'cause they are "dry".

It's a lesson I find myself repeating over and over. You might say that I am still trying to learn this analogy. I suppose it's the real reason I took these shots. This cow wasn't dry and the calf knew it. It's hard to get over the disappointment but it sure helps you appreciate those moments when the cow is not dry.

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