Sunday, August 14, 2011


The Joint: Burgers and Beer
Fort Worth, TX

Happiness is nothing more and nothing less than a series of memorable moments strung together over life. The impressionist artist we so fondly we recall captured life in detail with snippet scenes. Moments that the viewer would relate to, something familiar cast in an extraordinary way.

Deep down inside of me, that's really who I am. I have something I want to say. My current situation bogs me down and impedes my voice. The mundane intrigues me because if I take it a part I know I can find something beautiful in its composition. Light, shadows, color, objects, people, and textures each contribute to the image like ingredients and seasoning to chicken soup. Without these ingredients our soup would be bland.

This much I know, I have to keep looking and archiving those snippets to string together my own happiness. For what it's worth, I do try to practice what I preach. I choose to share the sojourn experience with you.

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