Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happiness is: Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures: Nathan's Hot Dog
Coney Island, NY

All kinds of living has gone on this week and I am afraid that I've missed a good chunk of it.  This morning, I forced myself to listen to the much needed rain falling outside. I enjoyed listening to rhythms on my skylight as I sipped my coffee while searching and musing for both words, images, and songs that described what I was looking to explain.  You see despite my melancholy and disappointment I know that real happiness comes in very small packages wrapped in simple pleasures. That has always been true.

Take A Look
Coney Island, NY
A friend of mine who has had a life filled with American musical history that could fill a whole section in the Smithsonian, reminds me of the very small treasures he missed out on as a child.  He has spent a great deal of time archiving some of those moments that simply were not there as child.  Much to my surprise there was nothing complicated or expensive missing.  In fact, it was just some very simple things.  Things as simple as amusement rides and cotton candy,bicycles and tricycles.

He has tried to point out to me that my happiness is really not a function of what I have but rather of what I see and can experience and enjoy today.  This is difficult for me to grasp.  I've spent a lifetime planning for the future and working on achieving and accumulating more.

So today, I want to share these images and thoughts with you.  We really don't need more. Stuff doesn't make you happier, but damn a snow cone in the middle of a parched summer sure can do the trick.  I don't particularly like the circumstances under which I am having to learn all of this. Regardless,it's a lesson the universe is trying to teach me. Every day I resist it because I fear that I will stop trying. Resistance,however,impedes my happiness.  

It's hard to believe that Mom died almost a month ago.  As heartless as it sounds, I realize that life goes on. It's kind of catchy if you think about it.  Life is simple and life goes on.  Maybe John Mellencamp was on to something when he sang and wrote Jack and Diane. I really don't want to miss out on the simple pleasures any more.

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