Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Happiness Together:  Erik and Kalee Wulfers

Last Friday, I had the unique pleasure of photographing a memory for two friends deeply and obviously in love. Although I dreaded the idea of shooting during the worst heat wave in Texas since 1980, my attitude changed as I got caught up in capturing the moment and emotion of the day.

Emotions of the Moment
Everyone was happy to witness this union of two special adults and their combined families. I looked around and tried to work quickly. Looking for just the right fraction of seconds to archive. I too was witnessing something extraordinary. At a time filled with self indulgence and pessimism these people surrounded themselves with people like themselves who shared their hope and optimism.  

Truthfully, although I can be gregarious, I don't do well in large crowds and parties.  However this was different.  I enjoyed every frame and every word I heard these two speak.  In addition I enjoyed their children.  

Happiness simply happens as an expression of joy.  It is there always underneath the surface sometimes blocked by what is going around us. People like me, need to be reminded and cajoled about what they experience every day. Happiness is theirs to harvest.

My family brings me happiness. My friends bring happiness too and always just in time. Our dog Buckley brings me happiness. As a photographer, I want to keep capturing those images one frame at a time, in my own voice. I am truly grateful to all those who remind me that happiness is all around me.

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