Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Got Some Time

Time Flies

It appears I must be relaxed.  Today, I actually took the time to complete an online survey.  I thought to myself:  "Wow, what's up with that?"

This week, as the world appears to slow down for a few days before it revs up again, just might be the time to catch up on some old stuff.  You know I can take the time to get my personal stuff in order before the onslaught of must read emails hits me.

Just maybe I can find a way to just look at things differently.  It's been an extended sabbatical but I've been very productive and in the process have managed to lose weight and take care of myself.  Of course, I found new ways of expressing myself with both my camera and with the written word.  The glass was never half empty.  This year I will worry more about the contents of the glass rather than the degree of fullness.

The journey takes me by both familiar and unfamiliar places.  I want to be ready to receive both.  That's the joy of photography, my true passion, I can make time stand still for fractions of time.  If I feel I missed something, I can always go back and look at my images.  In a way, I can double my pleasure and satisfaction.  Its a process that doubles my capacity for pleasure.  I've got time yet to do and be;  my glass is fuller than I thought.

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  1. Al, well written. As they say, it isn't about the destination, but the journey. Even in the midst of it all, we need to make time to see the world we are traveling within.


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