Sunday, December 12, 2010


Cascade and Pool
Tannersville, NY

Nature provides an opportunity to renew and refresh.  It affords us the ability to latch on to its own continuum.  There seems to be no beginning and end just a constant flow.  It's a departure from the structure of spreadsheets and from the obsession of planning for the what if.

Going With the Flow
Tannersville, NY
As we observe the order of nature, we begin to comprehend that things will continue.  Time is only finite for our bodies.  We die but life continues.  It will continue all around where we are buried.  Nature and life will go on without us.

If we could learn to channel our energy and connect to its streams, we could in fact piggy back our journey more swiftly and effortlessly.  Instead of fighting the stream, we should learn to harness its energy and enjoy the currents it brings.  In so doing, we could reenergize our lives.

The message is so simple, but it requires a lifetime to comprehend.  Time flows by and the leaves of our lives get caught in the stream.  It would be so much easier for us, if we learned to ride the stream.  We could certainly prolong our journey and venture to places and experiences we might not have otherwise gotten to see or feel.  Letting go and letting the current take us seems so unfamiliar.  Yet it's what nature beckons us to do.

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