Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't Forget Your Pets

Nipping at Your Heels

Justin & Charlie
My neighbor, Susan, was inseparable from her golden retriever mix dog, Hobo.  Wherever Susan went there was Hobo.  She was well taken care of and always loved.  There was nothing really special about the mutt but she was an attentive loving companion to a young girl with no brothers or sisters.

Raechel & Daisy
Susan doted on her "Hobo".  In her eyes, there was nothing ordinary about the pooch.  She groomed her all the time and bathed her as if she was a human being.  In some ways, Hobo was better.  She was not judgmental, she was always in great spirits, and eager to please regardless of the elements.

It been over half my life since Hobo lived.  Adolescence and adulthood have gone by.  In my middle age, I think about how she influenced my decisions with my children.  All three of course have their own pets now.  One of my daughters, Justin, never strayed far from the animals she loved.  She works at a veterinary clinic where she administers love to everyone's pets including her own, Charlie.

Aubrey & Ricky
This holiday,  Justin asked if I would take photos of she and her friends along with their extended pet families.  I thought back about Hobo and a little girl neighbor named Susan and I couldn't say no.   How could I say no to three young women and their pets!!!

So to Justin, Raechel, Aubrey and their dogs:  Charlie, Daisy, and Ricky, I would like to say, Merry Christmas.  You and your dogs were excellent models.  I am just glad that I was able to work fast enough to capture the moment for you.  Don't thank me, just thank that mutt named Hobo.

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