Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Early Christmas

Keller Christmas

Between you and I, Christmas came early for me.  It came in a most unanticipated nearly year long sabbatical.  Before you roll your eyes and start thinking that I am being sarcastic, please go back through all of my archive blogs.  All of my posts are original musings and photographs.  Nearly 100% of the images were done this year!!  I couldn't have done it without the boot of my former employer.

So yes, my Christmas came early in many forms.  My presents were all wrapped in different wrappers and sizes,  some with bows and some with simply cards.  They came from ten different countries and over three hundred thirty different cities.  Places like:   Anchorage, Alaska; Escondido, California; Melbourne, Australia; Bisbee, Arizona; San Salvador, El Salvador; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Sluis, Netherlands; Zonhoven, Belgium; Moscow, Russia; San Cristobal de la Laguna, Spain; and Mubai, India.

Old friends and new, you are the reason I write my prose exposés and submit my photographic glimpses of the world.  At times, I write about what I feel and think; other times, I write about what I see or even want to see.  My words and my photos are honest opinions of my journey.

You, the reader, are part of my journey.  You are part of my experience.  We are passengers and reluctant sojourners on a defined trajectory through a moving universe.  Voyagers and voyeurs all in one.

There is one more present that I would like.  If you have enjoyed my blogs, glimpses of my thoughts and feelings, please forward my blog link to people you love.  Share something good with them because there are still lots of things that are right with this world.  Share the journey with someone else.  Encourage them to subscribe, it's the best gift you could give them and possibly the best you could give me.

If you have enjoyed viewing the photos, please don't be shy.  I am a starving artist and would love to make you your own custom print.  Contact me via the blog or on facebook.  I can make custom cards or even print as large as 20"x 30".

Until we meet again...


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