Friday, December 17, 2010

Cadillac Memories

Vintage Memories
Dallas, TX

At times I get an incredible amount of joy capturing the familiar in an unfamiliar way.  You might say that it appeals to my obsession with details and perfection.  Capturing the details forces me to engage in the reality of the moment.  I connect with the image and I think of all the possibilities the image actually has.  The creative process unharnesses the visual restoration.

Nothing has to be boring.  There is great complexity in simplicity.  Your perspective makes the mundane exciting.  Even in your suffering, you can turn things into pleasure by channeling your talents and drawing from  your imagination.  In the process, you might find a renewed sense of purpose.  You will never know until you try.

I found this shiny hood ornament extremely fascinating.  Before someone restored this 100 year old Cadillac to its original shape, they visualized the Cadillac in all its glory and luster.  It never would have been restored had someone not visualized its potential.  It could still be in a junk yard somewhere, a heap of tin and rust.  

If I could just learn to look past the rust.  I wonder how many opportunities I missed.  One more time, I pick up my camera.  I think and I look through the viewfinder knowing that I have to find my Cadillac.  Looking through the viewfinder is not enough, I've got to press the shutter release.  There's a vintage Cadillac waiting for me.

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  1. Love it AL. One person sees trash is another sees a treasure. Why I love macros ... you get close enough to something, it becomes other worldly and something totally new and marvelous.

    There is a gem within all of us.


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