Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Find Your Voice

Cow and Calf
Patagonia, AZ

I found I could say things with color and shapes
that I couldn't say any other way
 - things I had no words for.

Georgia O'Keeffe 

Was browsing through a Georgia O'Keeffe book at a local library this evening and the simplicity of her art struck me. Ms. O'Keeffe, Steiglitz's sometime model, muse, and eventual wife was fascinated by the details of simplicity. She accentuated what she visualized and deliberately created out of proportion images the way she sensed and felt them. In so doing she captivated attention by drawing/alluring the viewer into the actual subject. She achieved this all with her own voice/vision.

My landscapes have evolved from factual to fiction. They are manifestations of my senses and how I choose to share those with you. Today most painters start out with some kind of digital photograph as if they paint by numbers. However as a landscape photographer, I start out with a painting clearly in my head. This is my voice and my style. Truly, I visualize a painting that I so wish I could paint for you.

In the King's Speech, King George VI stammers out that he had a voice. He wanted to be heard. As a photographer, I've struggled to find my place and my unique voice in this realm. At times I wondered if I ever would find it and in my deepest hours of despair, in the abyss of financial difficulties and worry brought on by the loss of a lucrative corporate position, in the high desert of Arizona, I've found my very unique voice and I wish to speak volumes with my images. There's a story with my own voice that needs to be told. And I wish to share it with others on this journey.

For those of you struggling to find your voice don't succumb to the noises and static in your head. Face your fears, follow your dreams; allow yourself to feel and to connect with your life. Experience the sound of your own voice. Listen to it. Listen to the beckoning of dreams and chase them wherever they may lead you. Unless your are a cat, you only have one life to experience it all.

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  1. enjoyed reading your daily journey entry, found it laced with feeling and passion and well stated...js


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