Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On The Trail

Vaquerro Con Vacas
Sonoita, AZ

Drove over three hundred fifty miles today in search of scrap. The beauty of the landscapes surrounding Tucson and destinations to the southeast makes it all worthwhile to me. The bolders near Dragoon and the plains of Elfrida bordered by the Chirhuacua Mountains makes for interesting vistas. Headed home I chose back roads that lead me to Tombstone and west to Huachuca City, the Mustang Mountains, Sonoita, Patagonia, and back through the Santa Rita mountains.

On my last leg, as I was headed north I glanced back behind towards the entrance of Sonoita and a cowboy sculpture caught my attention high on a hill. There was sufficient light for a perfect silhouette and the image that I had in mind needed to be photographed. Processed it to my liking this evening and here's the final result.

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