Monday, September 24, 2012

Mountain Dream

Kebler Pass View
South of Crested Butte, Co
"How important is a constant intercourse with nature 
and the contemplation of natural phenomena 
to the preservation of moral and intellectual health!"
Henry David Thoreau [Journal, 6 May 1851]

Prior to my trip, my week was full of many things to do. Lot of things to check off my to do lists including my new website showcasing both my commercial and fine art work. (You can view it at The weekend just seemed like it would never get here and my trip to Colorado appeared more like a dream that would never happen.

They say one thing leads to another and that nothing happens by coincidence, I am not one to love cliches, so I must say that I am skeptical of most repeated proverbs. However, after taking many turns on my journey and meeting new and interesting people by "chance", I've begun to change my position on serendipitous encounters. The universe puts certain people directly in our paths for reasons that we can't ever explain. However, it only happens, if we open our hearts and minds to "chance". We must be willing to "be in the moment".

Friend and Photographer:  Adam Diesi
Last year, while on vacation with Kim, at the top of Rocky Mountain National Park a young man by the name of Adam approached me and started talking with me about my camera. We talked and talked as if we were old friends neglecting the fact that I was twice his age. In a short time, he told me how it was his first time to the mountains and that he was actually there on his honeymoon. It all seemed so interesting to me. We exchanged contact information and I thought that would be the end of it.

We followed each other on Facebook and soon I found out that he and his wife accepted a transfer to the Mile High City, Denver. Amazing his dream came true and to think that I witnessed the power of his thoughts and dreams while on a mountain top. It all happened within months.

Early this month, Adam contacted me and inquired if I still had an interest in landscape photography. His question was with merit given that to sustain myself, I also do extensive commercial work ranging from portraiture to weddings. Adam's call was timely, I needed a break from the mundane and I sorely needed to nature to heal my wounds and to soothe my spirit. In a way, however, it was more than that, I confess I wanted to learn from Adam on how to dream and make things happen.

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