Thursday, September 6, 2012

Visiones de las Bailadoras

La Dama: Lidia
Plano, TX

Reinvention is a necessity. For me it requires to find a new creative voice within my commercial work. This week I met with several perspective clients to work out the details for my next idea and to get their buy in. My objective was to convey my desire to express my creativity and theirs while conveying a story which relays  their skill and passion for self expression and art.

La Dama: Saritza
Plano, TX
My two prospects are dancers. That's their passion. One teaches dance and the other works as a realtor. Lidia is from St. Petersberg, Russia and Saritza is originally from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. For both, dance is art and expressed as choreographed passion. They were born to dance as much as other artists were drawn to sketch and paint.

A few weeks ago, these ladies were strangers to me. However, my curiosity and my own passion to create art, express myself, and to find my own voice lead me to them. It's something I would have only thought about but never done had I still been a corporate disciple. However, since finding a different religion and eschewing all others I now follow a new master and heed a different voice. You might even say, I've left behind me the way of the world. The choice is simple: to follow my calling.

Although there will be other posts on this blog, behind the scenes, I will be working mastering my craft and finding ways to effectively tell their story in a creative artistic fashion that complements them and enables me to showcase my passion as well. For those interested, my new series will be called Visiones de las Bailadoras.

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