Saturday, September 15, 2012

Il Signore Di

Il Signore Di
Keller, TX

Experimenting has become a way of life for me. Sometimes, the best tool is the only one you have at your disposable. If you hesitate, you pass on an opportunity.

Last week I had the opportunity to stop by an visit with my friend Giuseppe Di Stefano. As we were saying goodbye, I noticed the light near his doorway and the reflection of a makeshift curtain nearby. If I could capture him side lit and capture some reflected light, I though that I would have an interesting shot. The only tool at my disposal was my iPhone. Regardless, I snapped the shot and processed the results with several iPhone apps. As a final tweak, I fixed some facial features within Photoshop.

Photography at times is the mastery of imperfection. Neither tools nor time are always just to our liking. We forge ahead with the variables we face and simply do the best we can. In the long run, we end up mastering imperfection with makeshift tools. Nothing is ever perfect.

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