Thursday, October 6, 2011

When I Grow Up

Autumn Leaves at Gilbert
Winsted, CT

When I was in fourth grade all I could think of was growing up. It was all about when I grow up. Everything was about what I was going to do and be "when I grow up". I would spend time in our elementary school playground staring and the hill where my high school sat and I would think out loud about how great it would be there "when I grow up".

Time passed and I have grown up, but now I think about those times that I was younger and little and not so grown up, when I would think about "when I grow up".  You see now I think about how much I miss everything that was around me to enjoy when I was little and just a little boy.

A friend of mine told me that his mother told him that he didn't have to grow up. That being an adult didn't mean that we had to stop having fun and that we could still play when we grow up. So how about that we both agree that we can do both. We have to "grow up" but we can be little again whenever we want and choose to play. Raking leaves is something grown ups have to do, but playing and jumping in them is something we can all do.

This blog is dedicated to the fourth graders who attend Mrs. Jaye Antwines reading classes at the Birdville Independent School District. Thank you for following my Daily Journey. I am looking forward to sharing my blogs with you.  For the next few weeks, I will be traveling to the place where Rip Van Winkle slept and headless horsemen rode. I will be in the Catskills of New York near the towns of Hudson, Palenville, and Woodstock.

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