Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morning Walk

Afternoon at Kaaterskill Creek
Palenville, NY

Took a new four legged girlfriend Maggie for a walk this morning. It was a great excuse to walk in the woods, play along the creek, and listen to the water constantly flow past. It keeps going; there's no on or off switch. The rushing water provides such soothing constant natural music. A complete symphony with its own allegro tempo that any audience human or animal would enjoy.

For years artists and naturalists young and old have walked these creek shores in search of comfort and an opportunity to find solace and refuge in nature's home. Some even tried to capture it permanently in art. Nothing man made can replicate it however. It's natures gift for us to enjoy and partake in. The broadcast is live. This is life as good as it gets with no external distractions and the noise of every day life. Tickets are not for sale, they are however free for those clever enough to pull away from other distractions.

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