Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving On

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Several months ago while I was studiously researching my family tree, my mother blurted out to me not to waste my time finding anything of value in our past. She said jokingly you should just find a job. It wasn't like I hadn't been trying. Jobs are quite scarce these days especially for those beyond entry level experience. Regardless, I joked with my mom and said to her that it was not a bad idea. 

Two weeks before my mom passed away, I was asked to interview in Monterrey, NL, Mx. I flew down and back to Dallas in a day.  It went quite well.  It felt good to be engaged in international commerce again.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the thrill of transacting business in another language. 

A week passed and I received a call that they wanted me in Cleveland the following Monday for a battery of final interviews.  Before the week was out, Mom took a turn for the worse and on Friday afternoon, July15th, my wise cracking mother passed away. I was ready to change my plans, but my father called me up and told me that the family wanted me to go to my final interview.

This was the most difficult thing I had to ever emotionally pull off. I had to set aside my grief and focus on getting the job. After the battery of exhausting interviews, I pulled myself together again this time to focus on my journey back to Florida to make final arrangements for Mom's funeral.

Nothing seemed easy on the way back from Cleveland. My flight from Cleveland to Chicago was delayed; I missed my connecting flight.  With no other flights out on Continental, I had to switch airlines to Dallas.  Of course my bags were not waiting for me when I got to Dallas after midnight. All my plans for travel the same morning now had to be delayed. The stress seemed insurmountable. There was nothing I could do but just accept the situation.

Despite our best intentions, there are times when giving it your best is simply the best you can do.  We can struggle against the current or resist the tide, but nature is much stronger. There are simply somethings you can't control. All you can control is how you respond to the situation. The lesson is for us to learn is quite simply patience.

Moses spent forty years wandering aimlessly in the desert before he saw the promised land. I need to learn and just comprehend that things do not always work out the way I plan or envision, but that doesn't mean that they wont work out or get resolved. It's a matter of patience and time.

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